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Where everything begins

A chasm to the unknown, where everything keeps quiet in the deep blue, at the beginning of life. A breathtaking trip, an inner encounter. A suspension between reality and unconscious. A fall into the nothingness, searching immense silences and eternal instants, a lost aloneness, your own abyss.

Abisso Collection


Abisso washbasins come in four different installation options: built-in, countertop low profile, countertop high profile and freestanding. Each one of them is available in both the round version and the one with beveled corners.

All the washbasins are made of matte black stainless steel and are the result of a complex semi-handcrafted process of construction.

Inside the metals you will find a removable basin of Cristalplant® bio-based, a matte white eco-sustainable material that thrives in bathroom environments. Thanks to the slight slope of the design, the weather drains easily without leaving a trail, disappearing down the perimeter drain through a beautiful visual effect. Everything works perfectly without compromising its beautiful design.

The built-in and freestanding washbasins come with a blue diffused lighting system that sits on the lower part. All of this to make your bathroom experience even more unforgettable.

All the electrical systems are IP 68 certified and the lighting systems are low voltage LED. Safety comes always first for us.

We achieved an incredible clean image by using the volume of these two pieces to hide the siphon and all the industrial components.

All the wood support surfaces are custom made by order to cater to your needs, like rounded edges and such. You can choose the width, depth and thickness. Choose to have all the flexibility that a custom design offers. No limits, infinite possibilities.


We also offer a wide range of furniture to integrate with the washbasins. They come on freestanding or wall mounting options and we also offer one on wheels that you can move wherever you want.

All the furniture is made with an internal black wood structure and an external matte black stainless steel shell. The doors and front of the drawers are finished, both inside and outside, with the same wood essence chosen for the top.

The fittings are all at 45 degree. Quality is perceivable even at closed eyes.

All furniture comes in different sizes, from small to extra large size and we also offer a slim version, with a reduced depth, to fit into the smaller spaces. All you have to do is choose the right size for your bathroom and all your toiletries will stay organized and easily found. Let the empty space take shape.


There is no bathroom without mirror and there is no mirror without your reflection. Once again, you are the focus of this project.

All the wall mounted mirrors have a double illuminating system: one with a neutral frontal light, for all the daily needs, and the other one with a lower blue light, for ambiance and relax. Functionality and emotion meet for a perfect equilibrium.

We even thought of who prefers a freestanding mirror, with the innovative design of using a single attachment. Light but structurally resistant, it frames perfectly the person in front of it thanks to the semi vertical position. You can move it wherever you want. From the bathroom to the bedroom and vice versa.

If the standard sizes we offer do not satisfy your needs to perfection, you can request a custom made mirror, with the front light single or double, to fit into your spaces with maximum perfection.

Even a simple mirror will surprise you.


To compliment the Abisso collection, we offer a selection of matte black stainless steel accessories.

Even the smallest of our accessories can be coordinated with the washbasins and furniture by choosing a round or a beveled corners shape. Once again, it’s the detail that makes the difference.

A simple towel rack can be either floor standing, mounted or even freestanding. To each their own.


Our first quality wood comes from trusted providers, selected piece by piece to always guarantee amazing results.

We use marine plywood for the veneer structure since it works very well in humid environments with changes of temperature.

All the surfaces finishes are made with matte natural varnishes, in order to accentuate the wood’s essence without alternating its color and to protect it from water and other external factors. You can now have all the beauty of wood without compromising in functionality.

We have selected different natural woods that differ in color, materiality and type of grain. We want to satisfy all tastes.

Don’t you find the perfect match for your bathroom? No problem, if requested we can provide you over than 50 different woods from all over the world. Choose the finish that fits you best, we take care of the rest.

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Tailor Made

Two words: no compromises. With the Abisso products we want to meet all the different spaces needs, and go even further. From today you can request some of the furniture and complementary items completely personalized, with custom measurement and extras, always made to the best quality thanks to our team of knowledgable craftsmen.

Our styling department will help you make the best choices for you and your space. A bathroom has never been so unique before. It is time to imagine.


The Abisso collection has been recognized by the the most important design institutions worldwide, receiving the following prestigious international awards:

– INTERIOR DESIGN Best of Year – Winner 2016

– Architizer A+Awards – Winner 2016

– A’ DESIGN AWARD – Gold 2016

– ICONIC DESIGN AWARD: Interior Innovation – Selection 2016

A winning design does not only mean excellence and reliability, but also Italian pride. A piece of furniture today, an icon tomorrow.

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