Impressions of Fuorisalone 2015

We have just concluded our debut at Fuorisalone 2015. It has been a precious week, full of exchanges, new contacts, interesting opinions, constructive criticism. But most of all great enthusiasm and participation.

A moment of affirmation and growth at the same time. We reached the highlight on the evening of April 15 with the Private Launch Party. It has been an unforgettable successful evening and we’re really thankful to everyone who took part. By interacting with the many visitors we collected some considerations.

It has revealed a widespread enthusiasm for the tactile aspect of the products. Thousands of hands have turned spontaneously on surface contact of Abisso, supporting spontaneously our exact design intentions

The variety of unusual woods present in our selection has aroused curiosity and many questions driven by the desire to rediscover the natural materials. A story written in the wood that speaks to the observer. Expecially briccola wood, typical from Venice, expresses the charm of time. It shows us a story of water and travels, including the theme of sustainability. A material that is ennobled by the acquired deformities in a past life and lives for a second time in our collection Abisso.

It is a time of great revival about the interest in Made in Italy handcraft products. We are pleased to take part to Fuorisalone 2015 and to encourage, in our small way, a quantum leap. The quality of life and cultural wealth, which is rooted in our traditions, points to the future with a renewed vitality.