Noir, our exclusive scent

We announce the upcoming release of Noir, our exclusive scent specifically created by Atelier Fragranze Milano.

We think their style and intentions are similar to ours, even by the nameAFM has been recently founded by Marco Maffei and Maurizio Cerizza, masters with thirty years of experience in “Made in Italy” perfumery. They create exclusive scents with a tailored approach, always with care for details. 

Noir Cuir pervades the atmosphere with its fresh and seductive fragrance. It starts with bright notes of lemon, warmed by spicy hints of cinnamon and cloves. In the heart there’s the precious combination of oud and leather which is wrapped by hints of pink geranium and Damask roseAt last, the “noir” mysterious character of the fragrance is given by wood, amber and musk.

The essence reflects our design philosophy and Atelier 12 product identity. Especially the first collection Abisso, in which the wood is among the protagonists.