Abisso, the debut 12/03/2015

The debut of Atelier12, the new luxury bathroom furniture brand from Vicenza, Italy. Our project, which started in October 2013, is now officially launched on the 12th March of 2015.

Abisso, aims to enhance a great interaction with materials as a way to discover our origins through a personal introspection.

The harmonious combination of natural wood, stainless steel and the innovative Cristalplant Biobased® makes the matte surfaces seductive and beautiful at touch.

The shape relationship between circle and square expresses the atavistic sense of feminine and masculine figure, spiritual and earthly.

Into all this you can recognize the signature of two young Italian creative directors. Francesco Meneghello and Davide Lanfranco developed the furnishings in close collaboration with experienced entrepreneurs in the field and renowned Venetian craftsmen. Everything to get impeccable quality products which respect the environment thanks to our particular short chain.

Synergy, cohesion and dialogue between entrepreneurial courage, young design and artisan tradition generate an iconic product. Dresses, like a tailoring suit, the unique style of the end user.

The formal simplicity combined with a wide and sophisticated range of wood essences. This is what makes Abisso able to approach with elegance and discretion in multiple aesthetic contexts and very diversified lifestyles.